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A few of our clients shared what their experience was like when their portraits were taken by Teresa.  These are just your every day women like me and you.
They all believed they were not pretty nor photogenic….. these images proves otherwise.  Today, they know how wrong they were and are able to see themselves as they are… beautiful inside and out.

No photos of me please!


” When Teresa asked me to be her model for a photographic assignment, I thought my friend had gone temporarily insane! I believed I am not photogenic, I don’t like being in front of the camera and I certainly had no idea what to DO in front of a lens!  I suggested a myriad of other ladies we both knew who would make better photographs in my opinion, but I quickly realised she was not going to relent.  I love my friend, so eventually I agreed to do it for her sake. I was terrified and totally out of my comfort zone…. That was until Teresa started to do her magic!  She made me feel like a queen for the day and I was pampered, transformed and guided through every pose and scene.  Slowly I started to relax and I have to admit, I ended up have so much fun!  My photoshoot as been an absolute blessing and has set me free from any possibility of feeling intimidated by those stunning magazine beauties.  True beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in the depth of our hearts.  That is what Teresa so wonderfully captures through the eyes of her heart and her lens……..” – Suzanne


A first for Tanja…

Before & after Glamour trio

“I have never done anything like this!!  Having my portrait taken by Teresa has made me see that I AM beautiful, and she gave me back something I thought I had lost….- my self confidence in who I am.  I was not sure what to expect with our session, but she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and I really had fun doing it in the end!  I was so relieved when she directed me in the posing and it was really easy to follow.  It was such a treat to have my hair and make up done and felt so spoilt.  Definitely something I never do but I felt pampered and looked amazing.  I also did not let it end just with that photoshoot….later that evening I was further spoilt by my husband that took me out for a fantastic dinner with me all dolled up.  I can recommend this to anyone, and on top of all the laughter and fun, I have beautiful portraits to treasure”……..-Tanja


A fantasy woodland shoot…..

Myriam fantacy collage

“I would like to thank you Teresa for my uplifting and confidence building photoshoot!  I was always embarrassed to look at photos of myself.  You have helped me to erase the negative, preconceived ideas I had of myself and replaced them with a healthier, more realistic appreciation of my individual looks.  Your professional and much needed direction has taught me how to pose for photographs….something I always felt so awkward in doing.  You have also given me a fresh outlook on wearing make up…. something I struggled with as I thought I didn’t look good with…. but you showed how pretty one can look with just a little.  I love wearing it now!   Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me see myself through your eyes – my life feels happier and brighter and I finally feel comfortable in front of the camera.  My beautiful images have found a forever place on my wall and I love them!”   – Myriam



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