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Pre-Wedding photoshoot

As a wedding gift, I appointed myself the photographer for a very dear to my heart friend in April.  Helping her plan her wedding was tonnes of fun of course and a huge privilege.  pre wedding 2041This beautiful woman was left a widow four years ago but she again found love.  The dress was selected, veil made and on the hair and makeup rehearsal I decided that we should do a pre-wedding photoshoot.  Its a fantastic idea to do the last fitting and make sure everything is perfect for the big day, and since her hair and make up was done it would be the perfect opportunity to do a pre-wedding photoshoot. (I used a crystal to shoot through in this image)pre-wedding 191

On the day of the wedding things can go crazy and not as planned.  Lots can go wrong and what a better buffer against such problems is to eliminate the “getting ready” photos.  I have talked to brides that had horrible experiences with things not going to plan (me included)….. brides maids running late and all sorts of other dramas that happened on that day that messed up the whole shoot, leaving these brides with only one or two photos of their “getting ready” time.

pre wedding 201As I was doing my friend’s makeup as well and I knew the day of the wedding will be totally crazy…. trying to get her ready, and do the photos of the kids, groom and close family who were all getting ready in the same house.pre wedding 203

pre wedding 202So….. pre-wedding shoot it was.   We had lots of time to play with different hairstyles, and testing what works with her hair type…. and boy was that necessary.  Her hair is so fine nothing would hold it in position….. but finally our skilled hairdresser managed to pin and spray and curl them into place.Pre wedding13

Pre wedding2We could also choose a beautiful sunny day (not like your wedding day where you have no control over the weather) and lots of time to take lots and lots of photos. There was no rush, no dramas, no one was stressed….. really just perfect.Pre wedding6

She is a very shy-for-the-camera girl but with me being her friend and a woman, she felt relaxed enough to do some shots in her lingerie.  (classy and well posed off course)Pre wedding9

Pre wedding10Pre wedding12I had ample time to try different poses and angles and she loved so many of them that the first quarter of her wedding album are all just pre-wedding photos!TBP_2194-Edit-2

What a fantastic idea…. to have stunning images taken in a non stress environment and you get to wear that beautiful dress again!  Pre wedding11This would off course also work as a post wedding shoot.  I had to do that for myself some 21 years ago, as my wedding also didn’t go as planned and my photographer was so late, he didn’t get any good pre-wedding photos, so I know the feeling! So for anyone out there that had disappointing wedding photos, or is worried that things might not work out as planned, there is something that can be done about it, we can glam the dress once more and get stunning images to last a lifetime.

Pre wedding4Any girl wants to wear that princess dress again, so get that dress and makeup and lets do a pre-wedding photoshoot!!Pre wedding15

Pre wedding18

Till next time, blessings


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