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Photoshoot for a “cowgirl”

One of my very first subjects to sit in my chair was a friend.  I knew she would be a perfect candidate for a little make over glamour session.  This woman is always in her garden, too happy to potter and bury her fingers in soil.  She is very good at it too…. I often phone her for some “green” advice.  She is my beautiful “cowgirl” friend.  Happy to be in workboots, checkered shirt, cowboy hat and shovelling dirt or replanting some beautiful orchid or other Australian natives.  It took some convincing though….. she was definitely not the easiest person to convince that she will be as beautiful in the final images as any celebrity out there.  After a few times calling and getting other friends to convince her that a little makeover photoshoot is in order and pampering is always welcome for any girl!

Meet Tanja…….WOW right??

Before & after Glamour trio

We started early and I set up my mobile studio in her house in her dining room where natural light is streaming in from a large french door.  She had already moved her dining table out to give us some working space.  Make up was done in under 40 minutes…..

Tanja makeover collage

but let me tell you about that hair!!!!  Boy oh boy did she have thick hair.  It took another 45 minutes just to curl all of it…..

Photoshoot collage

No one “learns” this posing thing, and almost everyone I know always stands or sit in a comfortable position, but unbeknownst to us, not very flattering in a 2 dimensional photograph!  When I pose / direct you, it will not be the most comfortable positions usually, but definitely the most flattering on a 2 dimensional format.  She was a bit nervous in the beginning as we all are.  I mean …. how do you pose?  Thats why I am here!! to help you!

Tanja collage 1

The moment she saw the well-posed images on the back of a camera screen, she began to relax and slowly I could see she was starting to enjoy the process.  What a transformation!

Tanja web

She usually doesn’t dress to frilly so this was such a treat for me to get her into some real girly outfits that I felt suited her face, skin tone,  hair and body shape.  Outfits she never thought would look good on her wowed her over and gave her a completely new outlook on shopping for these styles.

Mature women make over photoshoot

The softness of the images below really gives it a dreamy, romantic feel.  She really triumphed in the end with every pose I directed her in.

Mature women make over photoshoot

This one is my favourite of them all…. when my son saw these images, he asked me who she was?  ( He knows Tanja very well by the way and didn’t recognise her)   “Mom, did you photograph a celebrity today?”……. “Yes my boy, I did”…… 🙂  Mission accomplished!

Tanja web 2

It was a day of laughter, fun and mostly women dressing up, reliving youth and remembering we are all beautiful, no matter our age, hobbies, circumstances or background.  It is a wonderful thing to capture these fun moments and now have images to leave behind one day…… to then exist in them for our generations to come.

Till next time, blessings


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