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DIY Scepter / Queen Staff

Not to long ago I started designing and making a costume for a special Forest Queen photoshoot I was planning.  I had already made the crown and now needed to make the next item for this queen. A real  DIY Queen staff or scepter if you will…

I already had a nice wooden walking stick which I found on one of my hikes that I thought would be perfect to use for this DIY staff.

List of items needed:

Staff  (interesting piece of wood with curves and knots to the length you require), plenty of hotglue sticks and a hot glue gun, wire and wire cutters, old perfume bottles or any glass/ perspex round orb, paint, glitter, hairspray or clear varnish/sealer and scrapbooking sequince.10

Cut a few wires long enough to extend beyond the top of the total staff and start winding the wire around the staff.  Don’t worry to be to perfect at this point as the glue will give it more texture and keep them better in place.  Aslo cut a few shorter ones to make the “claw”  or “vines” to hold your glass orb.

129 This part is more tricky and requires some patience but don’t worry, it will look amazing in the end.  I started by pushing the smaller wires into the longer ones that I wound around the wooden staff, securing them and then manouvred the wire around the glass bottles until I was more or less happy with how it looked.  I first glued the two bottles together to make handling easier and then wound the longer wires around the bottles first before starting on the shorter wires. Don’t cover to much of the “orb” part, as this is the bit you want to show off.


Start adding layers and layers of hot glue over the wires to conceal them and to add texture to the wire and give it a “twig” looking appearance.

6 8

4Paint with your desired colour.   I used ordinary acrylic craft paint in bronze and gold and on the second wet layer added the glitter.  I did spray it with hairspray and sealed it with a clear sealer at the end to prevent the glitter from coming off and also added the sequince to the glass bottles for extra interest, but this is totally up to how you want yours to look. My queen’s costume is mainly black and deep pink and her royal items like the crown and staff I wanted gold with a little pink for a harmonious look.



And there you have it, your own staff…. wonderful for cosplay, dress-up parties, photoshoots (like I used mine) or just to make your little girl one happy princess!  I hope you found this tutorial easy to follow and inspires you to make your own beautiful scepter!


Teresa Bam Photography

Teresa Bam PhotographyI will soon share the making of the rest of the costume and off course the photoshoot!

Till next time, blessings


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