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DIY / Tutorials

DIY Scepter / Queen Staff

Not to long ago I started designing and making a costume for a special Forest Queen photoshoot I was planning.  I had already made the crown and now needed to make the next item for this queen. A real  DIY Queen staff or scepter if you will… I already had a nice wooden walking stick…

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DIY Mad Hatter’s Top Hat

It has been a crazy few weeks here and with making costumes, Mad Hatter’s Top Hat and designing sets as well as doing a few photoshoots inbetween, I have not had a chance to share how I have made the Top Hat!  So here it goes, but again, with any “how to tutorial”… it will…

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DIY Fairy-tale-style crown Tutorial

I am planning a fairy-tale-style photoshoot in a spooky forrest soon and slowly getting the props and outfits together.  This takes some time to do between everyday shoots, study and general life of being a mom and wife.  I have a dramatic look in mind and the first theme is “The Forrest Queen”.  For this…

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